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THEATER: Where the Balloons Go



THEATER: Where the Balloons Go


20 July 2019 | 10.00 | IIC Jakarta

21 July 2019 | Yayasan Pa van de Steur (invitation only)

Where the Balloons Go

The new show of Assemblea Teatro di Torino, entitled "Where the Balloons Go" is a stroke of color in an undoubtedly gray and tense era like nowadays. It is a soft light against the excess or even sometimes waste of illumination. It is a calming voice against the cries of everyday life. The show, with experimental formula, which is meant for children, is also a tribute to a songwriter who passed away over twenty years ago, Renato Ruscel.

The balloons are those things that are "out of reach of children", as Renato Rascel sang in one of his most poetic songs dedicated to the world of childhood. Rascel is an actor in theater, TV and cinema, comedian, singer-songwriter and dancer. He is a showman, who had his golden era in Italy in the fifties and sixties.

His texts dedicated to the little ones are precious and meaningful, through his wordplay he managed to pass down educational messages without being dogmatic and in a playful way. Turin based Theater Company, inspired by this spirit, has been creating theatrical productions starting from children songs composed by Rascel.

A modern arrangement was made by Matteo Curallo for musical pieces that belong to the age of today's grandparents. The common thread that you find in Renzo Sicco’s texts binds the elements that were not originally conceived as part of a single show. Three actors from Assemblea Teatro di Torino, one of the most appealing companies in the city of Turin, Cristiana Voglino, Paolo Sicco and Angelo Scarafiotti, just like Rascel, are able to cross the differences in art, turning it into a delightful musical for children and also adults.

This event is organized on the occasion of the National Children’s Day in collaboration with Komunitas Ayo Dongeng Indonesian and Yayasan Pa van der Steur. The show will be performed in Italian language with Indonesian translations by storytellers from Komunitas Ayo Dongeng Indonesia. The show is suitable for children aged 6 and over.

To attend the event please reserve to:


Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019

Time: At 10:00 am

Organized by : IIC Jakarta

In collaboration with : Yayasan Pa van de Steur & Komunitas Ayo Dongeng Indonesia

Entrance : Free


IIC Jakarta, Yayasan Pa van de Steur