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Primitive Mornings by Filippo Sciascia



Primitive Mornings by Filippo Sciascia


On the occasion of the Day of Contemporary Art, promoted by the AMACI – Association of Italian Museums of Contemporary Art, the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta proudly present a contemporary art exhibition “Primitive Mornings” by Filippo Sciascia.

Art converging Science exists around us, to represent how creativity is essential to understand our scientific legacy and is completed by implementing an artistic lens, connecting our hands and our brains. Contemporaneously, Art and Science serve us to understand and examine the world around us. It is a story about everything we know and everything we don't know about our universe, and it begins with light. It is how we see the world and it is one of Science's most enduring questions. Artists and scientists attempt to understand life with ideas, and to express that concept.

Filippo Sciascia studies the influence of daylight on the evolution of history and societies. Light assists as a metaphor for humankind and allows us to observe the environment. The achieving of its effects is a perennial concern in art history and Science. The importance of light in photosynthesis, to understand the environment and the characteristics of light, has revolutionized nearly every field of Science. In the process of paintings, he creates links to scientific data. He interprets them using oil paint, natural pigments, indigo plant-based color to obtain chlorophyll extract to get green paint. Then combine electrical lights to capture the luminescent effect under the canvas to expand the concept of creating using electricity itself as a media.

Today we increasingly depend on the internet data developed from electricity, still harvested from natural resources such as fossil fuels, the wind, water, and, most importantly, the sun. Sciascia comments on this relationship between humankind and electricity and using it together with oil paint on canvas to represent the relationship between man and light and formulates layers and a more accurate reading of his work as to whether it is a painting, sculpture, or installation.

Sciascia uses electricity itself to recreate the pattern of Phylogenetics, which is the study of evolutionary relationships among biological entities. Filippo Sciascia handles the conceptual approach following the painting as the center of the practice. The ease of moving within the archives of art while the model of conceptual art manages the radicalism of thought.

All the sources are applied not only conceptually but physically into a complex of ideas that includes every branch of Science, human endeavor and thought. His approach in relationship with painting is always conditioned by the message he wants to convey.

Art is modified by his own history and the relationship with the territory of life and Science. To practice art capable of generating the experience of knowledge we need to learn continuously to look towards the future. A more scientific approach to creativity, to renew the meaning of what art can express in our times.


Date: Da Saturday, November 30, 2019 a Saturday, January 11, 2020

Time: At 3:00 pm

Organized by : IIC Jakarta

Entrance : Free


Rubanah Underground Hub