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Corsi Area


Corsi Area
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Thematic course: ITALIAN CINEMA

The course is structured as a journey through the history of Italian cinema. From post-World War II Italian Neorealism to nowadays Italian films, encompassing the actors, directors and films which left a mark in the history of Italian cinema and influenced cinema worldwide. The course will end with the screening and analysis of a film chosen by the participants.


The course is comprised of five lessons of two hours each. The main objective of the course is to expose participants to the history of italian cinema, providing them with the essential skills to recognise and understand the most prominent films. Lessons are thaught in English. All the sequences from Italian movies that will be shown are with English subtitles.

SESSION 1: "Neorealist" movement and comedy (1940s and 1950s)

SESSION 2: 1960s, 1970s and 1980s

SESSION 3: 1990 to present

SESSION 4: Genres of Italian films: Spaghetti Western, Thriller/Horror, Italo-Crime

SESSION 5: Screening of a film chosen by the participants and debate