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The Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta provides information about work and study opportunities in the linguistic and cultural field.

In the section Scholarships general information is given about the rules which regulate the offer of a monthly allowance to non-Italian citizens, with two sections specifically dedicated to Scholarships offered by Italy to Indonesian and Scholarships offered by Indonesian to Italians.

In the section Work it is possible to find information concerning Teaching Italian for the many people who en-quire about teaching our language at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Information about job training with the Italian Cultural Institutes and with other diplomatic bodies is found in the section Internships.

The section Cultural and Scientific Cooperation summarizes the essential elements of the bilateral agreements between Italy and Indonesia, with notification of any announcement of particular interest.

Following is the section Prizes and Competitions in which links to the main national and international, regional, provincial and council prizes, which are offered by Italy and are open to non-Italian citizens and/or Italians, are provided, as well as the section Courses and Conventions where useful information on the main conferences and international courses which take place in Italy can be found. See also all about our event review in our direct review of cultural and education events.


Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language (CILS) Exam

The Certificazione di Italiano come lingua straniera, (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language) or CILS is a qualification offered by the Foreigners University of Siena for foreign speakers of the Italian language, recognizing various levels of language proficiency. The qualification is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is often used to grant acceptance in any Italian university or higher education institution in Italy.
The qualification is officially issued on successful completion of a particular level as conforming with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Council. Therefore six levels of increasing difficulty represent the examinations involved to obtain the certificate. The beginner level examination starts at level A1 whilst the most advanced level is C2. As such the qualification resembles the DELF/DALF used for recognizing French language ability. This said, however, the qualification is often seen as comprising four levels (from CILS Uno to CILS Quattro, B1 to C2 according to the European Framework) as the Italian required becomes more advanced. All examinations cover what are viewed as the most important elements in language acquisition: speaking, reading, written composition, analysis of structures of communication and listening.
Eligibility for the CILS qualification is open to all (Italian residents abroad and non-Italian speakers) wishing to validate their skills in Italian. Applicants of any age are eligible to apply with the preparation for the examination review highly encouraged.
This year the first session of CILS exam will be held in 7 June 2012. Registrations at the premises of the Italian Cultural Institute not later than 6 December 2012. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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