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Solo Exhibition “A New Life”by Giorgio Sciarretta



Solo Exhibition “A New Life”by Giorgio Sciarretta

- Opening & Live Painting “L’Anima”: 9 August 2017 | 6pm | IIC Jakarta

- On view: 9 Aug-10 Oct 2017 | IIC Jakarta

- Art Talk: “A New Life” | Art Stage Jakarta-Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City


From Rome to Jakarta...

After the National preview of his solo Exhibition in the most important street of the Artist in Rome, in Via Margutta in the Area Contesa Arte, where he was awarded as the Artist of The month, Sciarretta Sciarretta will be in Jakarta for the new exhibition.

Only, and exclusively, for the Italian Cultural Institute, Jakarta, Sciarretta will exhibit his last paintings and artworks, which previously exhibited in Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong), created in Indonesia and Italy. This exhibition, entitled “A New Life”, underlines the meaning of the connection between Italy and Indonesia, where Sciaretta is based since 1997 with his Indonesian wife.

For the first time ever, an inedited video, showing Sciarretta’s drawing technique is showed within the premises of the Italian Cultural Institute, Jakarta. In the video you can see how the lights, souls, nature, universe and social messages intertwined and transformed into an artwork.

His artworks always come with the light that means to reborn. Reborn also refers to his career in Indonesia. Whenever he paints, he just starts then his hands will flow; they are led by the nature. His art invites the viewers to think and dig their own interpretation and in many of his artworks you can find several figures.

In the last of two years he has made more than 250 paintings. This autodidact painter gets endless inspirations from music that accompanies him while he paints. Sciarretta is very attached to the nature and also animals, as the source of his inspiration. He loves to take care of animals since he was kid. When he is in Italy, he paints with his cats around and in Indonesia with his beloved owl.

Being very innovative, he develops his own techniques, by using various materials that characterize his paintings, such as gesso, stucco in paste, stones, spray paints, dried plants, glitter, pastel pencil, and acrylic. With finger shading and other techniques he makes his own unique result.

The artist creates every single painting by putting his love, passion and creative imagination of beauty. He always finds a new theme; his art is always in evolution.

Sciarretta began with sketches after awaken from coma. As time goes by, he's been through great losses of his closest persons. The only thing that helps him to go on with his life is to put the pain out of him through painting and also writing.

As an indigo person, who had been through a lot of tragedy in his life, Sciarretta grew up to be a pure artist with no compromise, always says what he feels, straight forward. This strong character of him you can recognize also in his artworks.

As mentioned by an art critic, Alfio Borghese in Rome, last May 5, 2017 that Sciarretta’s art is a new type of art, unique colors, he invented his own unique technique. In every single of his works there’s this amazing light, which comes from the Byzantine Era, where Sciarretta belongs to.

On the night of the opening, Sciarretta will perform a live painting of his artwork entitled “L’anima” (The Soul). During the exhibition within the premises of the Italian Cultural Institute, which is on view from the August 9 to October 10, 2017, there are more than 45 paintings and artworks and some of which are shown for the very first time in public. On the occasion of the Art Stage Jakarta 2017, not to be missed the opportunity to get up close and personal with the artist during Art Talk on August 12, 2017 in Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City.


Data: Da Mer 9 Ago 2017 a Mar 10 Ott 2017

Organizzato da : Italian Cultural Institute, Jakarta

Ingresso : Libero


Italian Cultural Institute, Jakarta