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I inhabit: Rooms, Dreams and Fears A solo exhibition by Michela Cavagna



I inhabit: Rooms, Dreams and Fears A solo exhibition by Michela Cavagna

Michela Cavagna is an Italian architect and artist based in Jakarta since 2015. After working in Italy for several years in an important interior design studio, she created her own company that produces textiles for furniture, based on a simple motto “hand-made eco-sustainable textiles, in limited editions for a better living”.

Her passion for handmade found a great opportunity for a further development after she moved in to Indonesia. She has been carrying forward her research in textiles by joining the Textile Group in the Indonesian Heritage Society and studying at the same time different kind of Indonesian crafts by participating into several workshops to nurture this passion to do things with her own hands.

Today the Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta aims to show you the research of Michela Cavagna after 3 years in Indonesia. The exhibition takes you to an excursus from the past projects she did in her company, where you can have a glimpse of the fabric samples from her production of textiles in wool, linen, with natural dyes, to the nowadays research that she is doing in Indonesia. The exhibition illustrates how her passions intertwine and transform into little stories about inhabiting, fears and dreams.


Data: da Gio 30 Nov 2017 a Dom 25 Feb 2018

Organizzato da : Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta

Ingresso : Libero


IIC Jakarta, JL HOS Cokroaminoto 117, Menteng - Jakarta Pusat