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IIC CINE CLUB: La gente resta di Maria Tilli



IIC CINE CLUB: La gente resta di Maria Tilli

ILVA and its high chimneys dominate the Tamburi neighborhood of Taranto. Those who live in that area try to maintain the normality of family, childhood, love, even if they are forced to deal with a daily life that is full of difficulties. This is the story of those who decided to remain in their own territory when many were abandoning it, of those who have chosen to continue living on the ruins of industrial promises.


Data: Ven 17 Nov 2017

Orario: Alle 18:30

Organizzato da : Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta

Ingresso : Libero


IIC Jakarta, JL HOS Cokroaminoto 117, Menteng - Jakarta Pusat