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Italian Art History


Embark on a journey through the illustrious history of Italian art with a series of engaging sessions. Unsure where to begin your exploration of renowned painters and sculptors? Starting February 7, 2024, join the Istituto Italiano di Cultura bi-weekly as we delve into the legacy of great masters. Together, we’ll unravel the distinct styles that have cemented Italian art’s global acclaim. Across four enlightening meetings, we’ll dissect Giotto’s fresco mastery, delve into the anatomical brilliance of Leonardo and Raphael, unravel Caravaggio’s revolutionary impact, and scrutinize contemporary artistic evolution.

📍Auditorium Italian Institute of Culture

🕙 11:00-12:30 am

🏷️ IDR 250,000 / Session

IDR 1,000,000 / All sessions

For registration, scan the QR code (avalaible on post) or through this link:

#italianarthistory #iicjakarta