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Maria Mazzotta in concert

mazz 3
mzz 3

Date & time:

3 & 6 May 2023, 19.00-21.00



Live House MBloc, Jakarta & Auditorium IFI Bandung


Artist Profile:

Maria Mazzotta is one of the most appreciated voices on the European world music scene. Moving naturally from the sounds of southern Italy to Balkan melodies, Mazzotta’s repertoire is the result of accurate investigation and careful regard for the wide range of cultures that compose it, with particular attention to the vocal specificity of each musical tradition. Her deep and powerful performance is an immersive experience for the listener who participates with emotion and passion to her “ritual”. In the new ensemble, the trio with Cristiano Della Monica (percussions) and Ernesto Nobili (electric guitar), post rock textures meet the roots and the visceral interpretation of Maria Mazzotta, an original and profound combination.


Line up:

Maria Mazzotta: vox and percussions

Cristiano Della Monica: percussions

Ernesto Nobili: electric guitars


Links Maria Mazzotta: